Desert Spirit Fitness is located in the Phoenix area of the beautiful state of Arizona , and offers personal training, fitness programs, and outdoor training and events.

Training Programs


• Personal Training, Private or Semi-private
• Core and Balance Training
• Stength Training
• Pilates and Yoga
• Injury Prevention and Rehab
• Sports Training
• Bootcamps
• Weight Loss
• Flexibilty
• All Ages and Fitness Levels!

Trail Workouts & Bootcamps


These workouts are way too much fun to be called "exercise"! But you will work hard, getting cardio and strength training while enjoying the freedom of the outdoors. Hike, jog, do lunges, shadow boxing, "rock push-ups" and "rock dips" - every workout has a upper and lower body involved. All ages and fitness levels are welcome!

Dates and Times: Call Amy for current times and locations

Online Training


On-line training is a cost effective way to way to keep your motivation and workout more frequently. A consultation session will begin your pogram to evaluate your fitness and set goals.

Your workouts will be emailed to you with your own personal web-site address. It is recommended that you do at least two on-line sessions per week and up to seven for maximum results.


Ask Amy...

Have you wondered when the best time of day to work out is? Or how about whether you should eat before or after a workout? Cardio verses strength training? Which burns more calories, walking far or jogging short distance? Which burns more fat?

Amy can answer your questions and help you get the results you want from your activites by making sure you are doing what is best for YOU and YOUR BODY.

Email Amy today!

Welcome to Desert Spirit Fitness
"The World is Your Gym..."

Founder of Desert Spirit Fitness and personal trainer Amy Regan is an endurance world record holder with 20 years of commitment to helping others achieve, and maintain, their health and wellness goals be it through personal training or outdoor adventure!

So how does Desert Spirit Fitness personal training help people succeed when other fitness routines have not? Amy says, "I try to get people to see exercise in a whole different way. I don't even like to call it exercise! Go for a hike, take a jog through your neighborhood, take a bike ride, or do body weight exercises right in your own living room. There are so many ways to get lean and healthy. Eat well, do something physical every day, and see how much better you feel about yourself, your body, your life."

The true secret of fitness for life is not the particular "type" of workout or the latest fad we hear about. Any physical activity performed correctly and frequently will improve the body's shape and strength. But no matter how physically beneficial the workout, if we don't like what we are doing and it doesn't fit into our life, we won't stick with it. Amy's goal is to change lives forever, by helping people find activities that they like to do and can do wherever they are, with whatever time they have. "Variety, creativity, shorts and a t-shirt, fresh air and open space, taking time to care for yourself - it will become something you simply can't live without."